This blog is dedicated to sharing one family's journey through our years of homeschooling endeavors. Here is a little about us.

B- The Headmaster and Financial Provider; My husband and I have been married for 14 wonderful years and have enjoyed a diverse lifestyle while pursuing his higher education. With frequent moves and lots of learning many of our schooling decisions have been based on flexibilty of schedule, continuity of education and a desire to encourage our children where they are at and when they are ready.

K- Primary Educator, Facility Maintainer, and Blog Authoress; I have had a heart and desire to homeschool before I was even married. I myself was not homeschooled, but attended private schools for 6 years and benefited from the solid foundation my parents built for me. I obtained a degree from Montana State University in Elementary Education and am thankful for that training when considering curriculum. I hope to challenge my children through daily encouraging them toward the One True God as we learn about the world He has created and conducts.

Trapper- 11yo DS; Astute Learner and Avid Lego Enthusiast- Our eldest is a joy to watch as he shoulders responsibilities all his own on his slight, young frame. He is our compliant child, always aiming to please and flourishes in both Math and Science.  It is fun to watch him mature as he moves into these middle-school years.

Trout- 10yo DS; Passionate Learner and Active Outdoorsman- Our next son is full of life and readily shares his heart with those closest to him. He grows beautifully with structure and routine and benefits most from lavishing loads of love on him. He also loves Science and shows an affinity to Music and movement.  His thrill is hands-on learning and self-motivation.  He currently loves baking!

Bearhug- 7yo DS; Passive Learner and Snugglebug- Our third son is in a world all his own. He is a flighty, independent personality that finds the most pleasure when he can sneak away and play. He can be a bit of a troublemaker, but adores being held close and feeling the presence of those who love him nearby. He has a natural understanding of numbers and loves math.  His reading is coming along, though it is of secondary importance to him at this stage.

MissD- 3yo DD; Princess and Tomboy all-in-one- Our baby is also our only daughter and as you can imagine this brings about some interesting dynamics. Her happy demeanor and playful spirit add a special light to any room she enters, but she makes sure to hold her own and often can be found bossing her big brothers. She is a little mother hen that adores helping keep the house in order and being loved on by any one of the boys. She can often be found wondering off by herself as if she thinks she is older than she actually is. Housekeeping and playing with the cats are the highlights of her day, this school year will be her big jump into academics.