Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let's Play "Spot the Difference"

I had hoped to post images of the second remodel before now, but life is moving along at break-neck speed currently. So amidst blood, sweat and tears the second bathroom remodel was completed. We are thrilled with the results!
You may not initially see a huge difference in the photos, but look closely. You will find that we changed out horrible looking linoleum with tile, the trim is now white with bead-board, and while you can't see the change from the first photo, the cabinet has been painted white with a new counter-top, sink and faucet installed. (Bead-board is a pain to paint, but has a glamorous aesthetic =)
And, voila, we have brought our bathroom to the 2010's! It is such a refreshing change we do wish we would have taken the time to do it sooner. Ah, but that is how all household projects go, especially when one is seeking to make it look as appealing to a buyers market as possible.
On to the next project- fresh coat of paint in the laundry room...

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  1. It looks great to me! That's hard work, too!