Saturday, August 21, 2010

School Scheduling

Well that time of year has come again. I have been busy organizing materials, planning and preparing for our upcoming school year. In some ways it can be overwhelming to get it all done, but one bite at a time, and I am so thankful for the results when I get done.

You can see my most recent daily school schedule here. This is a result of lots of time and reflection on what has worked for us in the past. It is an ever-changing agenda that acts as a guideline for our school days, but by no means is it a rule.

Now time to focus on the individual subjects themselves as I finish pulling together materials, establish yearly and monthly goals, and excite my children for their upcoming academic pursuits.


  1. HI! Love the colored coded schedule! Did you come up with it? I am also excited for the coming year and have been preparing these last few weeks! I am so excited this year for TOG! I fianlly took the time to plan out all of Year 3 Unit 1. FYI: If you will be in BZN this fall the Museum of the Rockies has a Lewis and Clark laser show running. Also if you are ever in Great Falls, there is a Lewis and Clark Interpreter Center. How can I be praying for you this year?

  2. Schedule looks great! Enjoy the spots with free time and such now--I can't seem to find time for that label these days!!! :) Oh well, the seasons of life, right?!