Friday, December 2, 2011

The Barber Who Wanted to Pray- By R. C. Sproul

This delightful children's book is a wonderful story of an important figure in church history, Martin Luther, and an interaction that is reported as having taken place between Luther and a local barber. The barber asks Luther to describe how to pray more effectually. In a letter back to the barber Luther outlines some simple ideas to pursue while considering prayer.

In this beautifully illustrated account, the author, R. C. Sproul, uses an engaging manner of addressing children in the matter of prayer. It is an excellent tool for any parent interested in encouraging their own child to pray and how to pray with meaning.

With young children myself (ages 4-9), the subject of prayer has been a recent interest in our own home. I am thankful to have on hand a resource that will challenge us in our understanding of prayer and some pointers of how to grow in these areas.

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