Friday, July 31, 2009

10th Anniversary!

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, B and I had the opportunity to take a night away. We decided to visit a bed & breakfast in Hannibal, Missouri.

The Garth Woodside Mansion is a beautifully restored historic building from the 1880's that has been turned into a vacation getaway. The owners, John and Julie, are incredibly personable and seem to thoroughly enjoy their guests. The house itself is filled with all kinds of period mementos and the cabins are little islands of luxury for a private and peaceful retreat.

Currently a dinner special is included in the price of a stay at the mansion, so we were treated to a wonderful, complimentary meal. We enjoyed our night away and were so glad to have taken the trip to see a bit of historic America on the Mark Twain Riverboat and at one of Samuel Clemen's favorite respites, the mansion.
Breakfast was excellent as well!

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